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Proposed Changes to DNA Bylaws

Below is a summary of the proposed changes to the DNA Bylaws that will be voted on during the next town hall meeting on Monday, September 11 at 6pm in the auditorium of the Downtown Central Library. These changes were proposed to increase our board’s capacity to undertake the work of the association and to better reflect the makeup of our membership by guaranteeing resident member and small business member seats.

  • Adding 2 seats to the board
    • Brings total to 9 from its current total of 7
  • Designating 7 of 9 seats to be resident members
    • 6 seats will be 2-year terms with 3 up for election every year
    • 1 seat will continue to be a 1-year term up for election every year
  • Designating 2 of 9 seats to be small businesses members
    • Elected every year to 1-year terms
  • Resident members may only vote for resident member seats and small business members may only vote for small business member seats
    • If you are a dual member (resident and small business), then you may only vote as a resident member or small business member – not both
      • Dual members will choose which seats they wish to vote for when they choose their ballot before the election at the annual town hall meeting each January (resident ballot or small business ballot)
    • Adding a paragraph referencing a document that outlines board member duties and expectations and that the board has the option to remove a board member for noncompliance with the duties and expectations listed in the document by a 2/3 vote

Click here to view the exact language of the proposal.

Open Letter on 923 Locust Street Proposal and Downtown Planning

To Whom It May Concern:

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is excited about TWG’s entrance to the St. Louis real estate market, but we have serious concerns over one segment of their proposal in Downtown St. Louis.

The latest plans we have seen account for 88 market rate apartments to be constructed in 2 existing buildings at 917-921 Locust St. along with 5 new construction for-sale town homes to be built where 923 Locust currently stands. You can view an article about the proposal here.

Downtown St. Louis can benefit from additional multifamily units as rental rates and occupancy have remained strong; however, we have concerns about the plan for the 923 Building. We recognize the building, though one of the oldest standing structures in Downtown St. Louis, is in poor structural condition and demolition may be the most appropriate action. This leads our attention towards what is proposed to replace it. Town homes are a missing and desired segment of residential real estate absent in our neighborhood, but we oppose their construction on this particular site for 3 main factors:

Central Business District – This proposal lies within the City of St. Louis’ Central Business District (CBD), which contains the densest area of employment in the St. Louis region. The residential that has burgeoned over the last 15 years in this district has consisted of high-density, multi-story, multi-unit developments. It is important to preserve this density throughout the CBD and 5 single-family, street-level residences do not contribute.

Commercial/Retail – This is one of the few corners in Downtown St. Louis that possesses the possibility of having commercial/retail tenants open to the public on all 4 corners without any setbacks from the sidewalk and street. Activating the street is important for the vibrancy of Downtown by attracting investment and improving safety. If first-floor residences are built here, they will reduce vibrancy by creating a cold, quiet corner in the middle of a major metropolitan’s downtown that will inhibit street-level business development for upwards of 30 years.

Selling/Leasing – It will be difficult to sell or lease first-floor residential units at this location due to the high volume of foot and car traffic at this corner. Merchandise Mart and OPO Lofts have already experienced difficulties leasing their first-floor residential units near this proposed location plus their first-floor residential units have caused harm to the vibrancy of Downtown St. Louis as outlined above.

This proposal is the latest example of why Downtown St. Louis needs a new comprehensive plan adopted by the City of St. Louis that is crafted with the input of community stakeholders to guide future development. If there were such a plan in place, then TWG would have invested their resources into a proposal for 923 Locust that would be more profitable for their investors while also protecting the future vibrancy of the neighborhood.

It is the Downtown Neighborhood Association’s stance that a neighborhood plan with an updated zoning overlay adopted by the City of St. Louis is critical to ensuring a successful future for Downtown St. Louis, and we hope to see movement towards its implementation from our city leaders as soon as possible to prevent troublesome proposals such as the one for 923 Locust.


Click here to view a PDF version of the letter.

Town Hall Meeting

Mark your calendars for our next Town Hall Meeting on Monday, July 10 at 6pm in the auditorium (lower-level) of the library.

Neighborhood Announcements
Elected Officials Updates & Questions
North/South MetroLink Update & Discussion
Bylaw Amendment Proposal Discussion
DNA Committee Updates & Questions

The post-meeting social will be at Alumni Saint Louis.

Click here to view the Facebook event page.

Neighborhood Happy Hour at Start Bar

Join us for this month’s neighborhood happy hour at Start Bar on Thursday, June 29 from 4-8pm. They will be providing complementary drinks, snacks, and games from 4-7pm for a suggested donation of $10 to DNA.

These events are a great way to connect with your neighbors and support our community’s businesses.

We hope to see you there!

Click here to view the Facebook event page.

Neighborhood Happy Hour at Syberg’s on Market

Join us for this month’s neighborhood happy hour at Syberg’s on Market Thursday, May 25 from 5:30-8pm. They will be providing special discounts for all DNA members and their guests.

These events are a great way to connect with your neighbors and support our community’s businesses.

We hope to see you there!

Click here to view the Facebook event page.

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