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2019 Board Elections – DNA Needs YOU!

It’s time to step up.

On January 14, 2019 our general membership will gather at the Central Library at 6pm to elect our new Board Members for the Board of Directors.

This is your most significant opportunity to influence the future of our organization.

The DNA Board of Directors is responsible for determining our agenda throughout the year, engaging volunteers, leading our various projects, building organizational support, communicating vision, and doing the bulk of our operational labor.

As you consider the candidates, I want to encourage you to look for and support people who are willing to work hard on behalf of our organization, who are willing to give significantly of their time, who will listen well to our membership, and who will make DNA look good when representing us publicly.

Even more importantly, I would ask you to consider whether or not you fit that description. 


Board Member Duties.

Our board is a little different than that of many organizations. We view our board as our primary work team for accomplishing the tasks that give DNA life, and the means by which we delegate efforts throughout the organization.

Here is the list of expectations for our Residential Board Members:

  • Attendance and Participation at our Monthly Board Meetings (held on the first Monday evening of each month)
  • Attendance and Participation at our Semi-Monthly Town Hall Meetings
  • Attendance at our monthly Happy Hour events
  • Participation in one Committee at any level
  • Volunteer Participation at Taste of Downtown STL and other special events
  • Participation in DNA Operations management – including management of our website, social media, finances, public relations, email communications, and various other tasks that may arise.

This commitment can range from 3-10 hours a week on average, depending on officer duties and tasks at hand.

Here is the list of expectations for our Small Business Board Members:

  • Attendance and Participation at our Monthly Board Meetings (held on the first Monday evening of each month)
  • Attendance and Participation at our Semi-Monthly Town Hall Meetings
  • Active Participation in the DNA Small Business Collaborative

Additionally all Board Members are required to attend the DNA Board Retreat from 10a-3p on Saturday, February 9th, 2019.

Make a Difference.

DNA needs YOU to run for the 2019 Board of Directors. We will be electing four new Residential members and two Small Business members to the Board to serve alongside Directors Mike Willis, Bob Ray, and Denis Beganovic.

If you are interested in running for a seat on the Board, please send an email with you name as you want it to appear on the ballot, a photograph of yourself, and a brief answer to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to run for a seat on the DNA Board of Directors?
  • What strengths and assets would you bring to the DNA Board of Directors?
  • What upcoming opportunities for DNA excite you the most?

2018 Holiday Party At the Arch!

November Town Hall Rescheduled to Monday, November 19th




Reminder, we have rescheduled our November Town Hall meeting to 6pm on November 19th at the Central Library due to the Library being closed on the 12th for Veterans Day.


We hope you can be in attendance for a very important meeting wherein we will be discussing a proposed bylaws amendment, as well as other upcoming organizational changes.


For information on the proposed Bylaws Amendment, see here.

Bylaws Amendment Proposal

At our next Town Hall meeting (Monday, November 19th, 6PM @ Central Library) we will be voting on whether or not to approve a proposed Bylaws Amendment.

Below please find links to both the current bylaws document, as well as the proposed amendment.

The basic thrust of the amendment is as follows:
  1. Voting Membership to be frozen 30 days prior to an election of Board Members
  2. Absentee Ballots to replace Proxy Voting, Absentee Ballot Submission Cutoff at Friday 11:59PM immediately prior to the Election.
  3. Establishment of an Election Committee 15 days prior to the Election, comprised of Board Members whose seats are not up for election.
  4. Duties of Election Committee: Preserve the Integrity of the Election by administrating Absentee Ballot Collection, Verifying Membership Base, and Counting Ballots.
  5. Establishes the protocol that, in the event of a delay in announcing results, ballots are to be stored a the St Louis Board of Elections in the interim.
Thank you for taking the time to consider this amendment, and we hope to see you in attendance at the upcoming Town Hall!

To see the text of our current bylaws, please click here. 

To see the text of the proposed amendment, please click here. 

2018 Fall Fires

Join us for an evening of fun and community around the firepits!

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