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Happy Hour – The Sliced Pint

Join your neighbors to check out a new small business for January’s happy hour at The Sliced Pint on Thursday, January 26 from 5:30-8pm!

The Sliced Pint is offering food and beverage specials to all DNA Members.

These events are a great way to meet the people living and working in our neighborhood.

Click here to view the Facebook event page.

Board Election Results

Thank you to all of the candidates who decided to take ownership of their neighborhood and offer their time and expertise to improve our community. We hope the ones who did not win a seat on the board will remain involved in one of our committees or initiatives. We also wish to thank everyone who cast a ballot for the people who will be guiding the direction of our association.

Below are the results from the DNA Board of Directors Election that took place on Monday, January 9 in the auditorium of the Downtown Central Library. The candidates in the top 4 vote totals will be added to the board.

Jonathan Andrus – 66 votes

Dana Kay Goddard – 58 votes

Brenton Brown – 53 votes

Zach McMichael – 47 votes

John Ricroft – 43 votes

Susan Crosby – 25 votes

Bob (aka Roobah) Fox – 9 votes

John Magee – 6 votes

DNA Board Nominees

Below is the list of candidates for the DNA Board of Directors. DNA Members in good standing will have an opportunity to elect 4 members to the DNA Board of Directors during our annual town hall meeting on Monday, January 9 at 6pm in the auditorium of the Downtown Central Library.

DNA Members must vote in person, but they are allowed to vote by proxy by designating someone to vote for them if they are unable to attend. The person wishing to designate a proxy voter will need to provide a signed letter stating they are designating someone as their proxy. The person voting on behalf of the DNA Member will then be given a ballot for the person they are voting on behalf of.

Jonathan Andrus

I have been on the board for DNA since its inception, and am very passionate about seeing our neighborhood continue in its trend of growth and development. I have been a resident for nearly ten years, and previously ran a small business, Gelateria Tavolini, on the corner of 14/Washington. The strengths I bring to the board are in the areas of clear, concise communication; delegation; and the activation of new members and partners to accomplish our goals.

Brenton Brown

From the beginning of our business as a concept, we knew the path to success was to be involved in our community. We believe that if we all work together as a community, our community and our business will succeed. This is why I am currently on the board and why I would like to stay on the board.

Susan Crosby

My interest in the Board of Directors is trifold. I am a resident of downtown and I work downtown. Additonally, my work as the Early Childhood Literacy Coordinator for Saint Louis Public Schools heightens my investment in many socio-economic, cultural and equality issues in Saint Louis. I also believe my unique perspective as an employee of SLPS will be a value-add for the board.

Bobi (aka Roobah) Fox

As a resident/condo-owner (former condo board member) living in the Downtown West neighborhood since 2010, I believe I have well-rounded knowledge about the concerns and goals of our DNA neighborhoods. I have involved myself in a few DNA committees (Safety, Building Captains, community mediation) since DNA started. I believe being involved as a board member will provide an diversely inclusive perspective of everyone living in the Downtown/Downtown West neighborhoods. My primary interests are in voter-registration and public transportation issues & walking safety.

Dana Kay Goddard

It is my hope that I can continue serving the members of DNA and the Downtown community as a board member and active volunteer. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping to lead this organization in it’s mission to better our city. As a resident and business owner, I’m committed to the continued growth, safety, success, and overall vitality of our neighborhood. Between our leadership, active volunteers, and engaged membership, we have accomplished so many things in a rather short amount of time. With every obstacle there’s an opportunity and all challenges aside, there has never been a more exciting time to be in Downtown St. Louis.

John Magee

My wife and I just moved in and want to share our experinces with others to grow our city.

Zach McMichael

I have been a member of DNA for 2 years. I am also on the board of directors for the Downtown CID and the president of my condo association at 17th/Pine. I have been active on the DNA Safety commitee and the Liquor Licensing subcommittee. I have also helped to make downtown better by engaging in conversations with business owners and residents. My day job is a commercial litigation attorney. If elected to the DNA board, i will serve the members with the same zealous representation i provide my clients. DNA should continue to be a place were residents can come to have an active voice in improving downtown. DNA should continue to be independent, but should work with other organizations to create synergies downtown.

John Ricroft

Thank you for your time and consideration.  My relationship with DNA began (2) years ago, which included participation in Safety Committee activities. Having lived downtown for over (12) years now, I’ve witnessed and learned a lot about downtown living and what it takes to impact change. I’m the Printers Lofts building captain, alreading representing DNA and working with Michelle Cheli to ensure that impact statements are signed by our residents. I am invested in this City and the development, and ongoing enhancement of Downtown’s experience for all – residents, business and visitors. Working downtown gives me yet another perspective of the City and where it excels, and where it has opportunity to improve.  I am a program manager who spends his entire day identifying issues and risks, and taking ACTION by identifying a plan and executing a solution.  I see DNA as an opportunity to put my skills to practice in a manner that continues the momentum already established by DNA. If selected to serve on the board,  I plan to use the same energy and intention as demonstrated with addressing the recent closure of 17th Street (Board Bill 64) This experience showed me that “we the people” can make a difference, but only if we unite and help educate those who can influence change. Education, engagement, communication and ACTION is what I can bring and deliver. DNA is the voice of the people, and I would be honored to help represent the DNA voice,  support Jared as the Director, and of course, Downtown STL.

We wish to extend a special thank you to the people who placed their name in as a candidate but decided to become involved with a committee instead joining the board – Gleisha Winfield-Brown and Jeannie Bertoli.

Thank you for taking ownership of your neighborhood association and community!

Taking Ownership

The Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) was established to provide a voice to our neighborhood, and that voice has grown to over 700 resident members and 50 small business members since 2014. Our town hall meetings, special forums, and community building events serve to strengthen the bonds between neighbors, and empower them to make a difference. The strength of our neighborhood and our association lies in our members taking ownership of the issues they wish to see addressed in Downtown. We seek involvement, work to deepen our knowledge, and then aim to find effective solutions–instead of waiting and hoping someone else will solve our problems for us.

Creating meaningful changes in our neighborhood requires people to volunteer their time in a committee meeting, neighborhood patrol, park cleanup, or other activity. It requires people willing to hold their elected officials accountable and vote. It requires time, patience, and the willingness to understand and navigate the systems that impact our neighborhood. In short, it requires people who are willing to take ownership of their neighborhood. Furthermore, DNA’s inclusive structure allows anyone to participate in the process of addressing neighborhood concerns, and we are dedicated to removing barriers that might impede an individual or group from becoming involved.

Our association utilizes the time and expertise of volunteers guided by our Executive Director to:

  • Increase voter registration and turnout to enhance the political influence of Downtown residents
  • Strengthen relationships between the neighborhood and law enforcement
  • Join and work with the Continuum of Care, a coalition of individuals and organizations aiming to end homelessness
  • Develop collaborative efforts between residents and small businesses to improve the small business climate in Downtown
  • Advocate for issues affecting our neighborhood among elected and appointed officials
  • Create and maintain a mobile application to alert Downtown residents to street closures, meetings, and other useful information
  • Host regular meetings and events for Downtown residents and small businesses to work on issues and build community

None of our activities would be possible without your support, and we are asking you to take financial ownership of DNA to help sustain our ongoing efforts to improve Downtown. A tax-deductible donation to your 501(c)(3) neighborhood association will help us make Downtown an even more vibrant community!

Donate Here
Mail your donation to:
St. Louis Downtown Neighborhood Association
1409 Washington Ave., Suite 508
St. Louis, MO  63103

Thank you!

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